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Top left corner K. Mark Takai Veteran's Memorial Aquatic Center Top right corner
Address 94-801 Kamehameha Hwy
Waipahu, HI 96797
Phone(808) 676-6982
SupervisorChristopher Schoknecht
Parking Capacity0
ADA Compliance--
Top left corner Hours of Operation Top right corner
Monday7am to 8:30pm
Tuesday7am to 8:30pm
Wednesday7am to 8:30pm
Thursday7am to 8:30pm
Friday7am to 8:30pm
Saturday8am to 11pm
Top left corner Facilities Top right corner
Veteran's Memorial Aquatic Center
VMAC Feild
VMAC Locker RM
VMAC POOL - A (25yards)
VMAC POOL - B (25 meter)
VMAC: Class Rm.
VMAC: Diving Well
VMAC: Diving Well Lane 01 (25m)
VMAC: Diving Well Lane 02 (25m)
VMAC: Diving Well Lane 03 (25m)
VMAC: Diving Well Lane 04 (25m)
VMAC: Diving Well Lane 05 (25m)
VMAC: Diving Well Lane 06 (25m)
VMAC: Diving Well Spring Board A (1m)
VMAC: Diving Well Spring Board B (1m)
VMAC: Diving Well Spring Board C (3m)
VMAC: Diving Well Spring Board D (3m)
VMAC: Lane 01 (50m)
VMAC: Lane 02 (50m)
VMAC: Lane 03 (50m)
VMAC: Lane 04 (50m)
VMAC: Lane 05 (50m)
VMAC: LANE 06 (50m)
VMAC: LANE 07 (50m)
VMAC: LANE 08 (50m)
VMAC: LANE 09 (50m)
VMAC: LANE 10 (50m)
VMAC: Lobby
VMAC: Main Pool
VMAC: Parking Lot
VMAC: Pool
VMAC: Pool A Lane 01 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 02 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 03 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 04 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 05 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 06 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 07 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 08 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 09 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool A Lane 10 (25yd)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 01 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 02 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 03 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 04 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 05 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 06 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 07 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 08 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 09 (25m)
VMAC: Pool B Lane 10 (25m)

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